Nutrition NOLA and the RD Behind it


Welcome to Nutrition NOLA! I’m Lindsay, a Registered and Licensed Dietitian in New Orleans, LA. After graduating from and completing my supervised practice at Purdue University, I worked as a clinical and consulting dietitian while living in Indianapolis with my husband, 2 pugs, and 2 cats. Several years later, we made the life-changing decision to bring our “krewe” down to New Orleans. Surrounded by eclectic music, one-of-a-kind culture, and arguably the best food in the world, we’ve been smitten with the city since day one. I quickly understood the need for folks to have the ability live healthier lives while simultaneously enjoying their New Orleanian lifestyles (or whatever lifestyle they choose!).

Frustrated by the inadequacy of personalized nutrition guidance provided in most healthcare settings, I decided to pursue private counseling and education. I started Nutrition NOLA, LLC to assist clients in reaching their nutrition goals in a realistic way. (You can read more about that on the website: This practice continues to serve individuals and organizations in a powerful way, but reaching one person or group at a time isn’t enough. The accessibility of information via the Internet and media is both a wonderful and terrible thing. The flow of misleading information provided by unqualified sources is outweighing the reputable sources. I recognized long ago the necessity of creating a blog to provide reliable nutrition information to a greater audience, and it has finally come to fruition!

Nutrition NOLA is a safe-haven for real, honest, unbiased nutrition information and guidance. Stick around, follow along, and contact me if you’d like!


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